Hello. I’m Darren Walters, a London based Freelance Design Lead.
I have been building digital experiences since 2002.

I help organisations build better products that make their users’ lives easier, primarily by designing interactive experiences with the user always in mind.

Over the last 16 years, I have led countless web design and UX projects as well as designing and building mobile applications. Fun fact - I actually began my career designing touch screen interactions, long before anyone knew what an iPhone was.

I firmly believe in user centred design. What does that mean? Empathetic design that always puts the user first. No ego or attitude.

I’m a very hands on designer and always make sure I’m involved at every stage of a project. From helping clients make sense of the challenges they face and creating a tangible scope of work, through to speaking to users and understanding their goals and pain points. I believe it is essential to get clarity around these key details as it is understanding these insights that enable the creation of considered design systems.

I primarily use Sketch App for the majority of UX + UI work. It’s super flexible for screen work and the plethora of third-party plugins make it the most versatile tool out there, for anything that Sketch App can’t do, I use Adobe Creative Cloud. I use a few prototyping tools, such as InVision and Marvel, but InVision is my prototyping tool of choice.

I also enjoy writing Swift and use Xcode to build native iOS apps, one of which; BrewTeaFul has been featured by Apple in the AppStore. 

Over the years I have been fortunate to work for some amazing clients. From UX and Design consultancy through to complete redesign projects.


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